Company: About Us

Mobile Media Storage has a rich history in the storage industry.


Mobile Media was started with the goal of offering a superior mobile system with superior service in every way to all the competition. We sold other systems for two years prior to starting manufacturing and found consistent problems in product and service. Many improvements were made in materials, procedure, customer service and warranty so we could go forward with confidence. We now offer a full system with the best warranty on the market and are confident in standing behind that offer.

Manufacturing was done, for manual systems only, for a few years in a garage. When business picked up we rented 2,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space (seemed like a lot at the time) and added mechanical systems to our line. We grew out of that (and our next space) within a few years. We now own and occupy two warehouses totaling over 37,000 sq. ft. Our goal continues to be to supply the best system, service, and warranty available in our industry. We appreciate and thank our valued customers for helping us continue to achieve this goal.

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